Delphine's look

Fiction / Beta SP / 52 min. / 2000

A film by Jennifer Alleyn and Nago Humbert

*Best film -  Festival du Film de Lorquin, France, 2001.



Delphine, a young girl suffering from a serious illness, has to deal with the pain and the issue of the disease. His parents try to survive in a highly technical environment where communication is very paradoxical. Doctors and nurses try to manage their emotions, torn between the omnipotence of medical science and their conception of ethics. Everyone confronts in his own way the only certainty of our time : death.

SCRIPT   Nago Humbert

IMAGE    Stéphane Ricard

EDITING    Babalou Hamelin

SOUND    Éric Celton, Marie-Claude Gagné

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR   Stéphane Montmorency

MUSIC    Michel P. Simard


PRODUCER   Soma Production

DISTRIBUTION   Judy Servay, productrice (

CAST   Violette Chauveau, Suzanne Clément,  Robert Lalonde, Pierre Lebeau, Gary Boudreault, Charlotte Mondoux-Fournier, Diane Dubeau, Pierre Collin, Louise Bombardier, Marie Cantin.

Film career

Produced jointly by Soma Production and Ste-Justine Hospital in Montreal, Le Regard de Delphine has a career in the healthcare network (medical congresses around the world). A pedagogical tool for pediatric palliative care services, accompanied by a pedagogical guide for physicians, wishing to bring back the debate the therapeutic fury in hospitals.