“Playful like a Godard or Varda film. Brillant and moving.”

— Denis Villeneuve

“ A film of pure magic. Where beauty is almost suffocating.”

  • Nancy Huston



In the process of her ongoing film shoot in New York City, a filmmaker finds herself questioning the origin of impulsion. As she tries to overcome loss through creation, an unexpected event enlightens her journey. A search for movement beneath inertia. Art in real life. Music as a cure. A craving for unbounded cinema.


CAST     Pascale Bussières, Emmanuel Schwartz, J. Reissner, Esfir Dyachkov

IMAGE     Jennifer Alleyn, Étienne Boilard, Jonathan Decoste

EDITING     Emma Bertin

SOUND     Bruno Pucella, Laurent Bédard, Martyne Morin & Marie-Claude Gagné

SOUND MIX     Louis Gignac

MUSIC     Edouard Ferlet, J. Reissner

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS    Julie Groleau, Daniel Plante, David Clermont-Béïque

PRODUCER    Jennifer Alleyn, Les films de Jennie Inc.

DISTRIBUTION   La Distributrice de films

Release :  Januray 18, 2019


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