On pense à Tarkovski, du vrai cinéma!
— Francine Laurendeau, Derrière l’image
— Odile Tremblay, Le Devoir

Fiction / Mini-DV-35mm / 17 min. / 2005 / O.V. Russian / subtitles F&E.


Following his mother’s death, a man escapes in the countryside. Based on a dream, Svanok suggests a static journey, in which the camera captures the weight of time.

SCRIPT    Jennifer Alleyn

IMAGE    Jonathan Decoste

SOUND    Geneviève Albert,

EDITING    François Normandin

ARTISTIC DIRECTION    Marie-Hélène Lavoie

CAST    Igor Ovadis

PRODUCER    Globus films / Les films de l’autre . Watch the film

Film career

Produced by Jennifer Alleyn, this tribute to his father, was initially a command of the Correspondances d'Eastman. Shot in Mini-DV, it was then inflated in 35mm, to be shown in the theaters of Reseau Plus, as the first part of feature film of Robert Morin, God bless America.

It was presented in the following festivals before winning the 2006 Short Film Award for Best Short and Medium Fiction at the RVCQ, presented by the Québec Association of Film Critics for: "His pictorial qualities, the mastery of his sonorous progression and the eloquence of his silences" .

  • Namur International French-Language Film Festival (Belgium)

  • Festival Cinéma New generation of Lyon (France)

  • Women's films Festival (Ireland)

  • New York International Independent Film & Video Festival (USA).