Documentary / MiniDV / 16 min. / 2002


The Rossys is the story of an entrepreneurial family intimately linked to the modern history of Montreal, Quebec and the Maritimes. Generations have shopped at Rossy’s, generations have worked there, but lately, the family feels the impact of the mega-stores such as Wal-Mart. How Michael and Celia Rossy, a Lebanese couple, respond to these challenges is the story of this film, which is also the story of a great and enduring love.

IMAGE    Jennifer Alleyn

EDITING    Stéphane Lafleur

SOUND    Sylvain Bellemare, Martin Allard

CAST    Michael and Celia Rossy


PRODUCER    Thalie Production . Watch the film

Film career

Produced as part of the Serie Entrée côté court, The Rossys was broadcast on Télé-Québec and Radio-Canada. It later appeared at several festivals, including the Toronto International Film Festival, the Vancouver International Film Festival, the Rencontres internationales du documentaire in Montreal and the Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois. Released in theatres before Robert Morin's feature Que Dieu bénisse l'Amérique.