On découvre une époque, un imaginaire puissant (…) dans une œuvre de réflexion d’une grande pureté visuelle.
— Josée Blanchette, Le Devoir
Une oeuvre de beauté, construite avec brio, énergie, inventivité.
Monique Proulx, Écrivain

Documentary / Canada / 2008 / BETACAM / 72 min.


An insider’s look on how art impacts life.

In November 2001, Quebec Painter Edmund Alleyn (1931-2004) agreed to be filmed in his Montreal studio by his daughter, filmmaker Jennifer Alleyn. There, something unexpected happened : an authentic encounter, with no beating around the bush, no mask. From a few existential questions –about life, painting, death- thruth emerged. The artist died of cancer in December 2004 before Jennifer could film him again. After inheriting his studio, she found herself in this sacred space, still imbued with the presence and imagination of her father. Her film is an attempt to prolong the dialogue, to find the missing fragments of her father’s life. Edmund Alleyn was an intense and complex man of integrity who left his mark on Canadian art history.

CAST      Edmund & Nora Alleyn, Gabor Szilas, Gilles Lapointe, Anne Cherix, Olivier Asselin, Leslie Reid

IMAGE    Jennifer Alleyn, Jean-Claude Labrecque

EDITING    Annie Jean

SOUND     Geneviève Albert, Martyne Morin, Joël Flesher & Bruno Pucella

SOUND MIX    Bruno Bélanger

MUSIC   Simon Bellefleur


PRODUCER   Jeannine Gagnée, Amazone films - Radio-Canada - ARTV

DISTRIBUTION     Les films du 3 mars RENT THE FILM

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Presented as a world premiere at the 26th International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA), My father's studio receives a standing ovation and wins the Best Canadian Achievement Award. It was released in May 2008, at the Cinéma Parallèle of Ex-CEntris (French version) and at the Nouveau Cinéma Du Parc. While starting his career on the Festivals circuit, he stopped in February 2009 at the Louvre Museum in Paris and at the Morgan Library in New York.  Links :  Exhibition Edmund Alleyn at the MAC  Edmund Alleyn's web site 

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